Tips & Resources

The sections below are designed to reduce your searching time and therefore increase your enjoyment time. The digital world is expanding rapidly. If you find ideas and sources that should be added, please let us know.

  • If your computer screen is small (laptop, iPad) you might want to add a larger-screen monitor (ca. $100). Or, if you have a newer TV, explore way to have the TV screen mirror the computer. BestBuy and MicroCenter are good resources for such a linking.
  • Currently one of the most rapid, comprehensive, and accessible indexing (for persons, issues, topics, places, movements, music, etc.) is via iTunes. Google and install that free program/application on your computer. Open, click Store on menu bar, then type your query in Search Store box. Many or most of the results will be free and you can link directly to them from that page.
  • Install Readability. You can now read text in a single uncluttered column, pick your type size, and even save things for later reading. (Safari’s Reader –blue button at end of address bar — also does many of these things.)
  • Install RSS. An excellent time-saver. Watch this video (less than 4 minutes). Note, however, that many of these programs rely upon the Google Reader that will be discontinued on July 1. All other readers will have to adapt. Feedly is widely  recommended and the transition is easy.
  • Computers can also be set to read aloud any words that are on your screen.