Using the 1666 Coffman Library

The library’s collection has been developed over the years primarily through residents’ book donations.  Materials available for circulation include books, large print books, audio books, and videos.  Books from our small reference collection on the library’s lower level must be used in the Library.

The Library Committee encourages residents to use materials in the library and/or sign them out.  Guests who are enjoying at least an overnight stay at Coffman may also sign materials out and their hosts must insist that they return everything by the time their stay ends.  Family and friends visiting the building for a few hours are welcome to use materials in the library.   But ours is not a public library so we don’t permit visitors to borrow materials from our library.

To sign out items please record title, author, borrower’s name and unit number on the “Coffman Library Book Sign Out” sheet located on a clip board on the large table on the lower level.  Guests staying at Coffman must record all of the information described above as well as their host’s name and unit number.

When returning books please cross your name off the sign out sheet.  Whether you’ve used something in the library or you’ve signed it out and are returning it, please place materials in the blue plastic bin just inside the library’s lower level entrance.  The bin is clearly marked “Please Return Books to this Bin.”

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