A Self-Guided Tour of the 1666 Coffman Library

4804d1dJust browsing is the best way to get familiar with the Library’s layout.  If you can navigate a bookstore you can figure out this library. There is no catalog – online or old-fashioned.  Books are shelved according to genre or broad subject category.  You’ll find lists of categories and their locations posted on each floor.

Whether you’re new to the condominium or have been here for years, consider taking a self-guided tour of the library.  Start on the lower level and notice the blue box just to the left as you step through the door.   This is where to return books you have used in the library or signed out.  Library shelvers will get things back on the shelves.

Just to the right of this entrance are the Recent Arrivals shelves, featuring our newest books.  When not checked out, new books are shelved here for about one or two months.  Thereafter you’ll find them in their permanent locations.

On the table directly ahead of you is the sign-out sheet.  To borrow a book, write the information on the sheet and cross it off when you return the book.

Some of our most popular book categories are on the lower level – fiction, biography and history.  But don’t overlook large print and books for children and teens.  Archival copies of the 1666 Coffman News, resident profiles and association documents are filed in the white notebooks in the NW corner.

Climb to the upper level, whether via the spiral staircase or the hall stairs.  Our most popular category of books – Mystery/Spy/Adventure – is shelved on the upper floor.  But take time to become familiar with other categories on the upper level.  Books on art, nature, philosophy, religion, the sciences, social sciences, travel and more are on this level.

Because of space constraints the Library does not offer a collection of periodicals. Instead, tables in the East and West 1st and 3rd floor elevator lobbies serve as places where residents may leave general interest periodicals for others to peruse.

The Library’s collection has been developed over the years primarily through residents’ book donations. You may leave up to one grocery bag of donations in the cardboard box in the west closet on the Library’s lower level.  For larger donations first consult either of the Library Committee Co-Chairs.   We can’t accept everything so we give high priority to books that are relatively new, in good condition and likely to appeal to other 1666 readers.  Our goal is to have books signed out to residents, not just decorating the library shelves.