Most Award-Winning Books Per Shelf in the Collection

By Carol Van Why

Two excellent books donated by Coffman residents made me pause and think about how good our SCI/TECH/MATH and ENVIRONMENT NATURE collections are.   One of the new books is Roger H. Stuewer’s Age of Innocence: Nuclear Physics Between the First and Second World Wars.  You’ll remember that Dr. Stuewer gave a well-received talk at Coffman in October.  The other title, My Life with Cranes:  A Collection of Stories is by George Archibald.  Archibald is one of the founders of the world-renown International Crane Foundation, located in nearby Baraboo, Wisconsin.

For the next two months when these books are not checked out you’ll find them on the library’s RECENT ARRIVALS shelves.  Thereafter they will be in their permanent locations on the library’s upper level.  There they’ll join an award-winning collection of titles from a who’s who of writers.  Be sure to browse those shelves sometime this winter. Readers recommend the ones with the neon green stickers as particularly readable.

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