Book Cart Sales

When you walk by the Library’s upper level entrance there’s a book cart just outside the door.  This is where the Library Committee sells books it cannot use.

Sometimes a book is donated but we already have a copy in the collection.    Sometimes we receive interesting donations but maybe they are too specialized for our library. Sometimes because of shelf space limitations we must remove less-used books.  In any case, all these books will end up for sale on the Book Cart.  We use the proceeds to purchase new books and supplies for the library.

Prices are reasonable and are posted. We operate on an honor system—if you take something from the Book Cart, please leave your payment in the small metal box.  A Library Committee member checks the Book Cart daily and collects the proceeds.

The offerings on the cart change from week to week, so stop and browse often.  Don’t want to buy a book, but have a pocketful of loose change?  Support the Library and drop it in the metal box.