Donating Materials to the 1666 Coffman Library

The Library Committee welcomes donations of books, large-print books, audio books and DVDs.  The Library does not collect periodicals, VHS tapes or music CDs.

We are unable to accept books with broken spines; yellowing or loose pages; significant wear, stains, highlighting or underlining that will detract from the item’s appeal to readers.  We also cannot accept books that are obviously dated, particularly in areas of business, economics, medicine, science and technology.

It’s easy to drop off one or two items at a time.  Our cardboard donations box is on the library’s lower level in the closet just to the left of the entrance.  We ask you to limit donations left there to one grocery-sized bag at a time.  Space in the donations closet is limited, forcing the Library Committee to enforce the one-bag limit.

If you wish to donate more than the suggested limit, please consult with the Library Committee Chair in advance.  If you are considering donating a significant portion of a personal collection to the 1666 Library, the Chair will suggest that a member of our Donations Management team visit you.  Such a visit would enable the team to identify portions of your collection that the library could use.  If it would help you, team members could then deliver the donations to the library at your convenience.

As a further service to you team members might suggest donation options for materials not needed at 1666.  Some options might be our own Book Cart Sales, St. Anthony Park Library Annual Sale, Goodwill, and the AAUW Annual Book Sale.