Cozy Up to the Library This Winter

By Carol Van Why
Originally published in the November 2018 issue of the 1666 Coffman Newsletter

Winter is on the way. A sure cure for cabin fever is to enjoy those frigid sunny days from the comfort of the Coffman library. New to Coffman? Get familiar with the library now and begin to consider it your second living room.

Our website is your road map to using the library. Paste the following URL into your
browser: Once there, click on “1666 Coffman Library.” Next, slide your cursor across the menu bar. Topics of most interest to newcomers will be the book donation policy, a self-guided tour, and instructions on how to subscribe to our website.

The Library Committee receives a small budget from the condo association. However,
resident book donations are the lifeblood of the collection. Regrettably, it’s a small library and we can’t use all donations. The Library Committee takes pride in both collection content and the visual appeal of the library itself. For that reason, we cannot accept damaged, worn, or musty books.

Orient yourself in the library by taking the self-guided tour that you will find on the
website. You’ll learn how books are arranged, how to sign them out, and where to return them. Soon after you’ve settled in at Coffman, the Library Committee will offer you a tour and orientation. Contact Katie Weiblen to set up a date/time.

Want to keep up with what’s new in the library? Be sure to subscribe to our blog. You’ll get
an email each time there’s something new on the site. We feature a new book and its review each week.

So plan to beat the winter blues. The Library Committee purchased nearly forty new books
during the summer and fall. Over a dozen new mystery/suspense titles were purchased by virtue of a generous financial donation from a resident. Pick up your copy of our new books list from the library table or find it on the website, and read your way through the winter days.

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