Book Night Planning Process

In the fall of 2017, an updated process of how Coffman plans and presents Book Nights came into being. Simply, we broadened the role of reviewer to also be the convener, offered ideas for ways to mix up the traditional one review approach, and added a new role of planning partner. Here’s how it works:

  • A resident (or more than one) gets an idea for a book they want to review, a topic they want to explore, or a guest they want to  host.
  • The resident(s) signs up to be convener for a specific month on the poster outside the lower entrance door to the library. The convener(s) is completely responsible for the entire evening but may ask for as much help from others as they want. The more the merrier!
  • The convenor might want to invite a planning partner into their process. Planning partners are those who’ve signed up to help out with the logistical aspects of the evening (publicity, room setup, etc.). A convenor may act as their own planning partner.
  • The convenor(s)/planning partner access the Book Night Planning Toolkit, which will help them cover all the logistical details and help them clarify their structure for the evening. And the rest follows from there, adding up to an enjoyable evening.

If you have questions for comments about the Book Night planning process, contact Victoria Tirrel or Katie Weiblen (651.340.7049).