Lounge, Connect, Browse, Borrow

By Carol Van Why and Victoria Tirrel
Originally published in the August 2018 issue of the 1666 Coffman Newsletter

So good to see so many people enjoying the library these days, either for reading or taking advantage of Coffman’s wifi. By now we hope that even those of you who are new to Coffman know that the library has its own website. Connect with us at 1666coffman.com. Once at 1666 Coffman’s site click on “1666 Coffman Library” on the far left.

When the site opens, slide your cursor over the menu bar at the top to discover topics ranging from using the library, donating materials, making memorial donations, to book cart sales and reading ideas. Click on any of the menu items to locate the information you need.

You’ll find our most recent blog post on the site’s opening page. We try to have new content there twice a month. If you’ve subscribed to the blog, you’ll receive an email whenever there’s something new on the site. You have to click on the link to take you directly to the new content. If you’ve been doing this, you already know that we highlight a new book each week for you to look for on the Recent Arrivals shelves.

That reminds me that last year Coffman residents borrowed 913 items from the library, up 26% from 2016. We couldn’t do it without your support. Your generous book donations are the lifeblood of the collection. A modest annual appropriation from the association helps us add some of the year’s best books to the collection. Watch for a blog post later in the summer to link you to a list of what’s new to borrow.

Want to know more about the library? Cochair Katie Weiblen is available to give you a personal tour of the library and answer your questions.

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